FAQs – WICKED Protein


What makes WICKED Bars different?

Our industry-first Clean Label Project certification and our focused nutritional profile, which has more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories than the leading snack bars. 

Do WICKED Protein Bars require refrigeration?

Nope, our WICKED Refrigerated Bars do not require refrigeration as they are technically shelf-stable. However, for the best product experience, we recommend storing them in the refrigerator. Since the bar has a vertical orientation, exposing them to higher temperatures can cause the bar to slouch to the bottom of the wrapper. 

What is the Clean Label Project?

Not only do we do our own lab testing to ensure our ingredients, packaging, and finished products are safe, but we partner with the Clean Label Project, a nonprofit organization that focuses on health and transparency in consumer product labeling. They use state of the art laboratory testing in an accredited analytical laboratory to test for harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins. Some of the contaminants they test for include: Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Antibiotics, BPA/BPS, Pesticides, mycotoxins, and residual solvents.

We submitted products to The Clean Label Project to demonstrate why WICKED Protein Products are better than our competition. We received the Clean Label Project Purity award for ingredient authenticity, superiority, and purity, This means that our bars are clean and low in industrial and environmental contaminants. Our bars are safe in the short and long term, which other brands can’t say. 

What do WICKED Bars taste like?

DELICIOUS! They have a soft, creamy texture, without compromise. 

Are WICKED Bars all-natural?

YES! We make our bars with the best all-natural, gmo-free, and gluten-free ingredients.