WICKED Sample BUNDLE (14 Bars + $5 OFF)

WICKED Sample BUNDLE (14 Bars + $5 OFF)

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The Ultimate WICKED Protein Sample BUNDLE contains:

2X Original Maple Bars

2X Original Dark Chocolate Cayenne Bars

2X Original Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

2X Refrigerated Birthday Cake Bars

2X Refrigerated Brownie Batter Bars

2X Refrigerated Cookie Dough Bars

2X Refrigerated Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

How to Overcome the Most Common but Least Understood Eating Disorder? Binge Eating…

❌ Excessive cardio

❌ Eat more veggies

❌ Live a life of restraint

Drum roll, please… Introducing WICKED Protein Original and Refrigerated Bars! 

✔️14-17g Protein – Balanced protein blend to promote muscle growth and recovery… Jump higher, run faster, live stronger. 

✔️ Only 1-2g Sugar – Yep, JUST 1-2g of sugar. This is where WICKED separates from the rest. 

✔️  Clean Label Project Certified - Industry's first and only bar to have this certification. We care about you and want you to know that our bars are safe in the short and long term (which other brands can't say). 

✔️ All Natural Ingredients – We are what we eat. Eat the best to be the best.

✔️ Gluten-Free – For all you beautiful people who can’t enjoy dessert like the rest of us, we got you covered…

✔️ GMO-Free – No more afternoon energy slumps due to artificially manipulated foods.

✔️ Keto-Friendly – Maintain a state of ketosis with superfood MCT oil and balanced keto friendly macro nutrition profile. 

Why make life stressful when you don’t need to?

Try WICKED Protein Bars today!

**P.S. WICKED Protein Bars have more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories than the leading protein snack bars.

**P.P.S. For the best experience, store in the refrigerator upon receiving product. WICKED Protein Refrigerated Bars have a manufactured shelf life of 18 months and can be enjoyed outside of the refrigerator. Refrigeration helps the bars to keep their shape.